History of Orymm

The Rise

Orymm was once a land of high magick, populated by numerous fantastical races and full of wonder. The Elves were the catalyst for the rise. They were the first to harness the power of the magicks that flowed over the world. Humanoid civilizations achieved a golden age of advancement, wealth and prosperity.

It was the elves who taught the Humans how to harness the magick, and the humans who furthered the practice through intricate study. Universities dedicated to the study of magick grew, and entire cities sprung up around them. Life was good for these people, for the magick makes everything in life easier.

The Fall

This all happened a long time ago now. Life now is bleak, grim even. For unbeknownst to the Elves, arcane magick corrupts. It corrupts the mind and it corrupts the soul. The elves, being a long lived race, had been using magick for hundreds of years before the first sign of corruption started to show. For the humans it happened much faster. The shorter human lifecycle; the greater thirst for power. Corruption in the human mages began as early as 20 years after it’s introduction, but it accelerated rapidly. 50 years after the elves had shared the secrets of magick and there was nothing left of the thriving vibrant societies promised, only chaos and death.

But compared to the elves the humans were lucky. The corruption was so fast to take hold that society was still adapting to the changes. Elven society was different. Magick was everywhere, pervading all parts of their being. And corruption gripped them all eventually. They tried to fight against it, cleanse themselves, but there was nothing to be done.

Today is an anniversary. Today marks the 600th year since the corruption began and it’s been decades since mankind last encountered a peaceful elf.

The Dwarves vanished around the same time. Dwarven society never embraced magick, and their natural skepticism kept them mostly free from corruption, yet overnight they vanished from the mountain strongholds they’d held for centuries. No-one really knows what happened to them, and no-one has been able to find out. Treasure hunters regularly raid the old dwarven holds, returning with gold and relics, but no sign of the dwarves.

History of Orymm

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